• Why should I become a Trainee?

    Becoming a Trainee is a personal choice.  There are several reasons for a worker to become a Trainee, whether as a new worker with a new Employer; learning new skills or simply because that is what your Employer prefers.  Sometimes Employers like to utilise the available Government Funding to help pay for the costs of Training their staff.  And at other times, the Trainee enjoys additional support that the Government offers such as overseeing the process and ensuring the Trainee’s rights are met.
  • How to become a Trainee?

    You will need to find Employment with an appropriate Employer who has the work-scope and equipment to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of on-the-job experience.  Once you and your Employer have agreed to sign you into a Traineeship; the next step is to find an Australian Apprenticeship Centre.  They can take you from there and provide you with the information you need. For more information click on the following link: http://apprenticeshipsinfo.qld.gov.au/apprentices/become-apprentice/index.html
  • Do I have to sign into a Traineeship?

    No.  No person HAS to sign into a Traineeship.  KASE offers RPL, training and assessment without needing to be signed into a Traineeship.  Please contact the staff at KASE to find out more.
  • Do I have to travel to my Training?

    No.  We deliver Training and Assessment at all workplaces and do all the travelling for you.  If, however, we are unable to enter your workplace in certain circumstances, for example, Mining Site restrictions or other workplace restrictions.  We will deliver your training at our workplace in Underwood, QLD or at any other workplace that meets our training and assessment needs.
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  • Ben from SoilTech

    Soiltech have used Kase Enterprises to provide training services to all our employees including management. Steve and Mark have always been easy to deal with and soiltech has always appreciated their efforts and have learned a great deal from their extensive industry experience and background.

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